The subject called Statistics

The study of analyzing data is known as statistics. In this study the collection of different data and processing that information are involved. The result of the analysis is done either as cumulative information or represented in graphical manner. The result is made in such a manner so that the reader gets to know about the analysis by looking on it visually.
The subject includes the interpretation of rough information or data that are based on different surveys or theories. This is known as statistical inference. The subject of statistics has got two different sections which are confirmatory statistics and exploratory statistics.

In exploratory statistics, exploration of data is made in order to determine the respective qualitative values. The confirmatory statistics are all about assumptions that are made with the help of different techniques which are used to reject or confirm.

The statistical models are split into three groups which are as follows: linear models, non parametric models and non linear models. But, the subject is not solely dependent on theories. The measurs of statistics are based mean, variance, kurtosis, analysis of variance, regression analysis and skewness.

The inferential statistics and descriptive statistics are the two branches of the statistics. Collection of data and depiction of that data without making any elaborate details are involved in descriptive statistics. The information which is concluded form the result is represented in form of charts, graphs, tables, bars, etc. Descriptive statistics are used particularly in field of sports, science, public information kiosks, government offices, etc. In inferential statistics, data is utilized in order to make conclusions and also for the testing of authenticity of the data. In this process, decisions are made after analyzing the data which has been obtained for a period of time. The above discussed concepts of statistics are almost interdependent. Inferential statistics and Descriptive Statistics can both serve as single statistical approach in various cases as, the process of statistics usually vary depending on particular scenario and also the statistician who is doing the job.

Statistics can be used for calculation on fields like climate study, pollution control, geophysics, demography, polls, physics researches, meteorology, medicine history, ecological surveys, sociology, etc. In fact, statistics can be used in all fields of studies. Then, it can be concluded that the subject of statistics has got immense usage on various fields. Even the business world and banking sectors are fully dependent on statistics. Moreover the data are arranged in such a manner that any individual can understand the results by just giving a look at them. It is also said that when an individual is made to understand a topic statistically, he gets to understand the matter more quickly. The assumptions in the subject are made according to the value by comparing and making a collection of the data. Each and every research work or research papers are somehow related with statistics. So, we get knowledge about the importance of the particular subject. Statistics is connected with the subject of mathematics as the different formulas which are used are derived from various sections of mathematics.

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