Statistics for websites using various forum software technologies

Have you ever considered about running a forum? If you are a community driven webmaster or entrepreneur you certainly have. But what are your options? Also in this case statistics might come in handy. Thanks to a recent research by we have the statistics for websites using different forum software technologies. Understanding what's popular and what's not so much among worldwide users is definitely a great instrument to support our decision process. The analysis has found out that Read more [...]

Technical Analysis of the stock market

A stock market is a financial market where multiple shares and securities are traded. It wouldn't make sense over here to go through the details of what exactly a stock market is and the definitions of shares and securities, but what we are going to talk about is how statistics is fundamental for the analysis of the stock and the foreign exchange market (also known as the forex market). A forex market is a simple yet complicated market. In these markets there is a complete and continuous movement Read more [...]

Why businessmen use statistics?

Business deals with numbers and with numbers comes risk. There are several reasons as to why a business can fail, but for sure there is no business that runs today without the count of numbers and without a risk-return calculation process. Some might call it financial analysis and other finance related terms, but one should carefully note that these financial terms and financial jargons all have a common backbone – statistics. Statistics gives all the means that are required to calculate the risk Read more [...]